Introducing the Money-Minded Millenial

Hi there, folks.

My name is Casey, I am 24 years old, beginning my 2nd and last year of grad school, and when all is said and done 10 months from now, I’ll be $80,500 in the hole from student loans.


But it’s not hopeless, and it’s not even that bad. Do I believe the price to go to college is outrageous? Absolutely. Do I wish we made a better effort to educated the youth of America about student loans and what using them will actually mean for their future before taking out tens of not hundreds of thousands of dollars? Definitely.

But quite frankly, I am tired of playing the victim.

These are the cards our generation has been dealt. It’s a shitty deal. We like to complain about it (I say “we” because, I , too, have thoroughly enjoyed complaining and will probably still for many years). But complaining doesn’t make the debt go away, and I have finally realized this.

Planning will make the debt go away. Budgeting will make the debt go away. Communicating with those I love will  make the debt go away. I’m on a mission to get a grasp on these loans and beyond that, I want to have them paid off by age 30. $80,500 paid off in 5 years (plus another 10 thousand or so for interest…)

I’m starting this blog to document that process. I expect I’m going to learn a lot  in this timeframe, and I want to share my discoveries with you so that I can help anyone else who has questions and doubts around this topic. I’m going to talk about budgeting strategies, money-saving wins, money-MAKING wins, career opportunities, my worries, doubts, dreams, insecurities, failures, successes, all of it. Because that’s what I’m looking for in the world and it’s what I’ve been unable to find, so far.

If this is something you can relate to, go ahead and subscribe. It would be nice to feel like I’m not alone in this journey, because I know I am not. Let’s support each other on the way.